About Us

Screentec was established in 2005 to engage in the supply of equipment, materials and services to the screen-printing industry.

Our customers include:

  • Printed circuit board manufacturers
  • Membrane switch manufacturers
  • Nameplate manufacturers
  • Advertising and promotional material printers
  • Plastic injection moulding manufacturers
  • T-shirt printers

We also service other industrial companies who require the application of screen-printing in their finishing process.


For all services rendered, we are committed to:

(a) On-time delivery of materials
(b) Technical support


For products supplied, we have committed to :

(a) Meeting the specification
(b) Consistency in quality
(c) Environmentally friendly and health conscious

Our team of professional advisors are always ready to help with our customers’ technical problems.

Our quality products and services give our customers a competitive edge in their various industries.

Possessing both experience and advanced equipment, Screentec is a leader in the screen-printing industry.

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